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Car wash brush

Water Through Car Wash Tire Brush

- Model No.: YE-B3
- Material: Plastic
- Max. Pressure: 150 Bar/ 2200 P.S.I
- Max. Temperature: 60 ℃
- Max. Flow: 15 L/Min
- Washing gun joinable: Yes
- Application: Car wheel, car tire

Product Specifications

Water Through Car Wash Tire Brush

This car wash brush is a plastic brush that attaches to a pressure wash gun to a high pressure washer.  It is soft plastic hair without any hurt on the car when washing it.

The end of the brush is a connector can be joint to a washing gun to make water through. The cylinder head is going through the wheel hub flexibly, it is very convenient to clean the car tire. Car tire brush is ideal for washing cars, motorcycles and trailers. 


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